America's Classic Hit-Radio Featuring All-Time Favorites!

Remember when listening to the radio was actually fun? You could always hear the most current hits along with great classics from all the best artists. And even a few 'one-hit" wonders, too!

We designed this internet radio station with all that in mind...just all the hits all the time from our personal collection of more than a half century of great music. "Varietas" is literally the Latin word for "variety".   How do we do that? In as many ways as possible.

We broadcast over the internet to stream music into capable devices, such as car stereos, phones, ipods, tablets, computers, and tons more. And we're always subscription and commercial-free.

“All The Hits All The Time” isn’t just our slogan. It’s what we do. Make us a favorite and hear it all in one place - from Adele and Aerosmith to Bruno, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stones, U2 and ZZ Top.

Questions? Problems connecting? Just want to let us know who you are and where you listen? Great! We'd love to hear from you. Contact Mel@Varietas.Radio. Welcome - crank it up and enjoy!